The rescue diver course is perhaps one of the most rewarding dive courses in one’s under-the-sea skillset. A rescue diver is prepared to assist in emergency management during a dive.

This course is different from the other courses as the focus is emergency rescue for yourself and other divers. You will become a valuable member of any dive team as you will have experience with emergency first aide and secondary care, diver stress management, emergency equipment maintenance, and rescue of panicked and unresponsive divers. This course is a challenging way to spend three days with our professional dive instructors.

Once you complete this course, you will hold an invaluable certification that makes you a better prepared and respected diver, ready to take on what can go wrong in the underwater world. This is also a prerequisite for the divemaster certification, the first level of professional diver!

What’s Included?

  • Course Materials
  • International Certification License
  • Certified Professional Dive Instructor
  • One Confined Water Dive in Taganga Bay & Four Rescue Dives in Tayrona Park
  • Full Diving Equipment Rental
  • Speed Boat to Tayrona National Park (no additional entrance fee required)
  • Refreshments (snacks, juice, water – please inform us if you are vegetarian)
  • Underwater Photographs

Rescue Diver Course + First Aid

$1’080.000 COP

PADI applies additional fee (study material)


The course lasts three days. Courses begin every day and last three half-days. On the first day, guests are asked to arrive at the shop by 8:30 (for the morning class) or 2:30 (for the afternoon class). Please plan to spend around three hours with us on day one. For the rescue dives on days two and three, students can choose to dive in the morning or in the afternoon. For the morning trip, please arrive at the shop by 07:20 – the trip should finish by 11:30. In the afternoon, the arrival time is 13:20, concluding around 16:30.



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